1. Thermae Romae is spanning the dimensions again for promotional crossovers with Chūya Koyama’s Space Brothers manga and CAPCOM’s Monster Hunter Frontier Onlinegame this fall.

    Even though Enterbrain publishesThermae Romae and Kodansha publishes Space Brothers, the two publishers are collaborating on a joint promotional campaign that launches in bookstores throughout Japan on September 25. The campaign puts Lucius, the Roman bath architect fromThermae Romae, in a spacesuit, while Space Brothers’ astronaut-in-training Mutta dons a toga. The resulting illustration will adorn posters and cardboard standups on display at bookstores. About 10 of those stores will also erect giant, 180-centimeter-tall (about 71-inch-tall) signs. 

    Meanwhile,CAPCOM will launch its PC game Monster Hunter Frontier Online on October 12 with an optional Thermae Romae quest. The November issue of Monthly Comic Beam will ship on October 12 as well, and it will include an event code for the game. People who enter the code in the game by September 10, 2013 will receive “Lucius’ Request.” Those who complete the quest can make an exclusive Thermae Origo — essentially, a giant, naked Lucius statue sword. 

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