1. thetadoctor:



    it’s just.. OMG

    My feelings are confused 

    Sherlock is anime

    it is him


    It’s from Tantei Opera

    It fucking would be

    Correct. This is from the Tantei Opera Milky Holmes: Alternative a 2 episode special. No subs out yet, I still have the raws sitting. The gang goes to London to meet their old teacher. Shit happens.

    Here’s some more tid bits.


    That bus that ships Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.


    Yay, Detective bus and ‘FadEx’.


    Where is the old dude’s dad from? Meiringen. What in Meiringen? The Sherlock Holmes Museum. Because it’s right next to: Reichenbach Falls.


    Where is the new girl from? Sussex. What’s in Sussex?
    The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire and also what is speculated to have been where Sherlock’s retirement cottage is located.

    They also busted an imposter because she wasn’t British enough lol. She added lemon to tea instead of milk and called a biscuit a cookie.


    And a little boy who wants to be a detective. Who looks like
    Conan Edogawa.

    5 paintings stolen. From left to right.

    Napoleon=The Adventure of the Six Napoleons

    Empty House=The Adventure of the Empty House

    Portrait of the pigtail girl’s grandma: Irene Adler.

    Reichenbach Falls, ya’ know it.

    English Channel=the white cliffs of Dover. The closest train station is in Canterbury. From Dover you would take a ferry across the Channel to France. This is referenced in The Final Problem. (Same story Reichenbach Falls happened for those that don’t know.)

    Another Sherlock cameo:

    And that’s about it!

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